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Perfect Bones:
A Six-Point Plan for Healthy Bones
by Pamela Levin

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"Perfect Bones is an education and revelation...a self-help book that offers real hope for anyone concerned with their bone health."
Judith Plant, co-owner of New Society Publishers

"This book offers new insights to "old" ailments. It is a different perspective in finding the path to “good health".
Sunny Mehler, Retired Facilitator, presently: homemaker

"I leave a copy of Perfect Bones in my waiting room. My patients love the information and easy reading."
Corey Cameron-Cooper, DC Chiropractor, CRA instructor

"I appreciate that this book takes into account the entire body to create Perfect Bones. Reading this book led my husband and me to seek an appointment with Pam. We discovered her nutritional protocols were needed for somany other parts of our bodies low in nutrients which is now leading toward healthy bones."
Kit Nelson, dental hygienist

"Until reading Perfect Bones I never realized the importance of nutrition in bone health. Pam Levin has aconvincing way with words that holds my attention and presents a strong message. This book is a guiding light in afield I think few people are aware of."
Lee Mothes, Artist, environmental activist, inventor

"As a nutritionist and Contact Reflex Analysis practitioner I find Perfect Bones an invaluable asset to mypractice. It has been able to help my clients understand the process of healing, and the truth that bones can become healthy again. Pam has a wonderful ability to communicate this through her writing. I highly recommend this bookto anyone seeking health if not only their bones but the whole body”.
Xianti Hoo, PhD, CNC, Contact Reflex Analysis Practitioner, Certified Nutritional Consultant.

"Clear and practical, this book affirms the human body as a perfect self-healing system if only we would work withit rather than against it. I have recommended it to friends, relatives, clients and, above all, colleagues in the healing professions."
Diane Salters, Psychotherapist (Transactional Analyst), BA Hons., Cert.Ed., PTSTA

"Pam Levin's book, Perfect Bones, explains the total "chemical" process for keeping one's bones healthy. It's muchmore complicated than just taking calcium. Other nutrients must be present also in order for the bones to use calcium."
Virginia Siewert - retired teacher and Presbyterian minister

"Pam Levin's Perfect Bones gives us knowledge of how important the care of our bones is to continuing to live a vital and viable life. This knowledge will help us make intelligent choices about our lives and lifestyle. People who readthis book will come away with important information based on scientific fact and the author's long personalinvolvement with empowering people to make life-enhancing choices. Levin's writing is accessible to lay people and provides a powerful road map to those of us who take a personal responsibility for our own health."
Val Muchowski, Host and Producer of Women's Voices on KZYX and KZYZ, Public Radio for California's North Coast

"A terrific job and obviously tons of research. I really appreciated the valuable information on all the interconnections of the body's systems. For me, that was worth the price of admission."
Jan Classen, Certified Reflexologist

"Fortunately I don’t have osteoporosis, but I would feel fully comfortable in recommending this program to my loved ones and friends who do. The author’s humility and compassion shine through."
J.T., retired psychiatrist

"An intelligent and inspirational book for anyone who wants to regain or maintain good health and strong bones throughout their life. Perfect Bones is a goldmine of insights and practical information that cuts through medical jargon and empowers the reader to achieve the life of physical vitality and well being they hope for. I confidently recommend this book to my clients, colleagues and friends."
B.M. Psychotherapist and Consultant

"Pam’s book offers a whole system approach to understanding and treating osteoporosis and connective tissue deficiencies. It is more than taking additional calcium!"
Jan Elliott LCSW, Psychotherapist private practice

"Thank you so much for this book – you’re a great writer and your contributions - even vegetarian regimens -are just phenomenal!"
Sally J, reader, California

"I so much appreciate and value this book - I was almost in tears – It’s simple, direct, understandable and not too filled with facts, gets right to the point, warm, flowed beautifully, not too scientific."
Reader, California

"Congratulations! This is excellent - clear, well-organized and loaded with good information.. I could hardly put it down…"
Reader, California

"I highly recommend Pam Levin's book Perfect Bones. Health professionals will appreciate the amazing job that Pam has done compiling and interpreting statistics and important data concerning osteoporosis as a pending national disaster. These statistics help physicians and other health professionals drive home the importance of regular examinations and improved nutrition to patients who can benefit.

"Lay readers and patients will appreciate Pam's uncomplicated discussion of the facts of their physiology that their doctors do not have time to explain in such great detail. It is easier for patients to understand how to take care of themselves and why improved nutrition is important when they understand how their bodies work.

Both professionals and lay readers will appreciate the easily readable style Pam uses in the communication of such important information. Fortunately, Pam speaks and writes with the compassion of a dedicated nurse who has learned from personal experience what people need in order to build Perfect Bones!"
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, California.

Editorial Review: Dick Versendaal, D.C., Founder, C.R.A. and teacher of health professionals

Pam's genius in the professional community is no longer the secret of a few. She possesses a framework of intelligence supported by the necessary knowledge and experience... Her book and writings indicate she has understood what true health care really is - taking care of the whole person as a living physical organism... She believes there are no hopeless situations, only those that think hopelessly.

Pam's achievement in this book is based not only on her knowledge of clinical nutrition and C.R.A. (Contact Reflex Analysis) but also on her contributions to the field of human development and emotional health. (She is the author of Becoming the Way We Are and Cycles of Power).

It is obvious her talents will give new life to the alternative health community.

Book Review
by Elaine Childs Gowell, ARNP. PhD

Pam Levin has done it again. She has produced a book which has very clear relevance to the human condition of becoming healthy and staying healthy. While her other books were about self-care and nourishing the developmental perspectives of life, this one is about nutrition and nourishing this body - our physical aspect.

In a clear, cogent and well researched and well scripted fifteen chapters, Pam outlines the causes of osteoporosis and the cure. She points out the statistics that in the next 60 years (listen up you x generation and boomers) we will have over 135 million people suffering with this debilitating disease.

The fact that osteoporosis (sick bone disease) is probably a cause of heart disease, and therefore contributes to the top two killers (heart disease and cancer), is startling. This is a serious disease which is thought to have a pediatric onset. It is not too late to pay attention to good nutrition and to the way in which we use synthetic supplements. Many of the synthetic supplements may be poorly absorbed because their synthetic nature is not compatible with the body’s needs.

Pam, with the help of case studies, including her own frightening encounter with back and hip problems and devastating pain which kept her bedridden, outlines a six point program to restore the nutritional balance and feed our sick bones appropriately. The book gives the most cogent and coherent discussion of nutrition, food sources and nutritional supplements for healing and recovering from osteoporosis that I have ever read. Yes, osteoporosis is not irreversible!

Perfect Bones includes a list of 84 signs for this "silent" disease. The book gives a review of medical options and their side effects. It provides interviews with leading experts on bone health. The dangers of taking synthetic nutritional supplements are discussed and lists are provided of over 100 whole-food concentrates available in the market place. The book gives directions on how you can find a qualified practitioner to research your own bone health.

Levin points out that "my bones are not your bones" and that each of us is unique and deserving of a unique program rather than the "one size fits all" approach. The way in which the program is fitted to your uniqueness is through Applied Kineseology and a diagnostic system known as Contact Reflex Analysis (Versendaal). In this system your body is asked the questions about your nutritional needs through the electrical system of the body. This diagnostic process does not require complicated machinery, simply your own body’s inner knowledge of what it needs, and a qualified practitioner to ask the right questions.

This book is an easy and interesting read and a positive MUST READ for anyone wishing to achieve the perfect ten of a healthy and balanced body and bones. I highly recommend it, and having experienced this diagnostic process and healed myself through it I am very exited that this information be read and accepted by professionals and all in need of it.

See Sample Pages
(Table of Contents, Preface, Comments)

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